Our studio include three departments EAST, SUPER, DOS which deal, respectively, architecture, advertising and design.

The aim is to construct a process that is shared and synchronised with all the different players involved to develop design work that can reduce costs, shorten timeframes and optimise resources, in accordance with the very latest sustainability guidelines.   The studio is always looking for new spatial solution dealing with the urban current context and the way of living, by stressing the focus on the relation between building and space, and by promoting projects.


SUPER connective

is a interdisciplinary team of professionals specialized in:

– Architecture

– Sustainability

– Urban Design

– Interiors

– Visualization and Modelmaking

– Research

– Workplace Consultancy

– Workplace Performance Survey

– Place branding

– Time Utilisation Study

– Design Management

– Urban Planning

– Landscape Design

– Historic Preservation

– Client Consultancy


Finalist – “PR Retail” @ The Plan Awards 2016 (Category Retail).

Finalist – “Palazzetto Tron” @ The Plan Awards 2016 (Category Renovation).

5th Prize – Concorso di idee per la nuova piazza di Fontane di Villorba (TV)  2006.


10A – Gli studi di architettura si raccontano @ Galleria SP3, Treviso – Italy.

I want to see it painted @ Galleria SP3, Treviso – Italy.